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Version: 0.01 from 2001-09-21
Copyright 2000-2001 by Peter Bieringer <pb@bieringer.de>
Unlimited non-commercial distribution of this document in its entirety is encouraged - please contact the author prior to commercial publication.

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I've created some special patches/files for QMail, use it without any warranty...

Original QMail home at: http://cr.yp.to/qmail.html
More information about QMail at:  http://www.qmail.org/

Patches/files will be found at ftp://ftp.bieringer.de/pub/qmail/

Take also a look on my VPopMail page


  bind on sending e-mails socket to sender domain related IPv4 address
  useful for server with several IPv4 addresses and IPv4 based accouting  linuxconf.diff


  fix linuxconf bug regarding permissions of qmail's sendmail replacement


  remove the default log capability to "unnoise" log file


  for incoming SMTP the greeting depends on connected IPv4 address
  useful for server with several IPv4 addresses (cosmetic issue)


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