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Version: 0.01 from 2001-09-21
Copyright 2001 by Peter Bieringer <pb@bieringer.de>
Unlimited non-commercial distribution of this document in its entirety is encouraged - please contact the author prior to commercial publication.

Suggestions, comments and improvements are welcome!

I've created some special patches/files for VPopMail use it without any warranty...

Original VPopMail home at Inter7: http://www.inter7.com/vpopmail/

Patches/files will be found at: ftp://ftp.bieringer.de/pub/vpopmail/

Take also a look on my QMail page


  spec file to build an RPM (tested under RHL 6.2)
  does the best it can (vpopmail's configure isn't really nice)


  needed patch for upper shown spec file


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